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Yet at the snap, Kaepernick immediately looks to the man-coverage side. As he drops back, he stares down that side of the field until he hits the top of his drop and delivers a pass straight into the coverage. Fortunately for the 49ers, the defense drew a pass interference penalty. Web SiteThe late season return of Michael Crabtree helped the passing offense but there were still signs of poor pocket presence and field vision. In week 15 against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, the problems that stood out early in the season were still evident. On this particular play, the 49ers are running the smash concept to Crabtree and Boldins side of the field, the left side, with Davis running down the middle of the field, faking an out route and cutting back across the field to the far post. The progression goes Boldin to Crabtree to Davis. Kaepernick looks to Boldin first but Boldin draws three defenders his way, leaving Crabtree open on the sideline in the flat. This could be an easy 10 yard play but on 2nd and 15, Kaepernick rightly looks to get the first down yardage.

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It’s jobs. He’s got to create jobs. ROBERT COSTA: And bouncing off of that, infrastructure. He is a builder. If the highways don’t start getting built in the Rustbelt again and some factories don’t come back, if there’s not the infrastructure there. JOY-ANN REID: When we were in Ohio talking to steelworkers who voted for Obama twice and seemed to be really interested in Donald Trump they cared about two things, most valuable ending trade deals because they think it’ll create jobs and immigration. If he doesn’t do substantive Nice words reductions in immigration and, I mean, people want him to pull out of NAFTA. That isn’t going to http://julianrogerslink.khmermerchant.com/2016/08/05/and-we-add-to-that-by-using-skin-care-products-that-are-not-very-skin-friendly-through-our-ignorance happen. But that’s what they think is going to happen. CHUCK TODD: Yeah, it’s that year two when he has to start dealing with Thanks these trade deals. I don’t think he touches them in year one.

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